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a five-star boutique hotel in Siem Reap
Thoughtful design sustainable luxury

VELLITĀ (वेल्लित) Sanskrit for ‘curve’
the most natural of earthly forms

Logo Hotel Vellita

Thoughtful design
sustainable luxury

VELLITĀ (वेल्लित) Sanskrit for ‘curve’
the most natural of earthly forms

The essence of luxury
& sustainability

Immerse yourself in an urban oasis of calm, escape the crowds & focus on reconnecting with nature & yourself. Experience the magnificence of true Khmer hospitality & rediscover the meaning of spirited travel.

Hotel VELLITĀ is the perfect place to find balance, peace & pure relaxation without foregoing touches of glamour & indulgence.


An intimate & thoughtfully designed 35-room hotel

Hotel VELLITĀ captures the essence of the local Siem Reap community & invites you to share in its beauty. Formed in harmony with its surroundings, the hotel & its team of dedicated staff provide exceptional guest experiences every day. Personalised service, inviting accommodation, international flair, luxury touches, locally-sourced dining options & a plethora of cultural adventures await – all delivered with genuine Khmer hospitality & a smile.

With a focus on sustainable development & operation, Hotel VELLITĀ is committed to giving back to the community, reducing its environmental impact & minimising its carbon footprint so future generations can enjoy the exquisiteness of Siem Reap.

Our philosophy

We believe that a hotel should be so much more than somewhere to sleep. Staying here will set the tone for your entire Cambodian journey & allow you to truly experience the hospitality of the local Khmer community.

While other hotels may boast that they make you feel like you are at home, we want our guests to have a very different sensation. Connect with nature, yourself, your loved ones & a select group of like-minded travellers, without the interruptions & monotony of daily life.

Travel is about freedom – freedom to be yourself, to feel unconstrained, to immerse yourself in other cultures & to build memories that will last a lifetime. We want you to experience that sense of freedom, where your biggest decision each day should be whether to have breakfast on the terrace or in bed, take an early morning swim or a soothing massage instead.

Through story-telling & shared curiosity, we welcome guests from near & far with pride – pride for the way we represent our Cambodian heritage & pride for how we are able to give each visitor the perfect escape. Our love of Siem Reap & what we do every day is what sets us apart. No request is too great.

Integrating culturally sensitive design with a love of the environment means that you can indulge in the finest cuisine, swim through gentle waterfalls & drift away during a soothing spa treatment while surrounded by an oasis of green.

Sustainability underpins every aspect of the hotel’s operation, from the way we source our textiles to demanding locally grown produce for our restaurant offerings, minimising our water usage to giving back to the community & causes close to our heart.

Logo Hotel Vellita

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Logo Hotel Vellita

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